A little late on this post…

Our  Monique Lhuillier dress was on display in the windows of Neiman Marcus in Bev. Hills in May.  Thank you for the support!! 🙂  And thank you to Dunn for the photographs.


Inspiration: Layers, Tiers, Linear


Interpretation Using Calico


Inspiration: Layer, Tiers, Organic Shapes



Interpretation Using Calico and Paper




Greetings from London!!!

Feeling: Fulfilled and Inspired

I am currently at a cafe with my friend… people watching, sketching, and preparing my work for tomorrow… Above are some photos of my drapes from class today… it is absolutely freeing to be at a school in which there are no boundries and the agenda each day is to find inspiration and create!





Congrats to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors for putting together an amazing show!

Here is a photo of my design for Monique Lhuillier from the end of year Scholarship Benefit Fashion Show. Our model, Willow, had the greatest attitude and was such a trooper to be able to undo the busk closure of the jacket in mere seconds while walking down the runway.


This will be the last fitting of my Otis career.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera… so I’ll post more pictures as soon as I can find people who brought theirs.

What I’m thinking about:  It’s just hitting me… but graduation is in about 5 weeks!!





Here are pictures from the first fitting with Monique Lhuillier. I feel so honored and inspired by her and the way she works. She really cared about teaching each student she was working with. This is just the first fitting, and we will have 2 more. There is such a dramatic shift in the way a garment looks and fits once it is transfered from a dress form to a model, especially when a design molds to the curves of the body, like our jacket and corset. I’m glad there weren’t any drastic changes, just slight fitting alterations. And the skirt looked a little too heavy and the color was off…so it’s back to studio… and each piece will have to be altered and remade. (eek… that corset is one of the most difficult things i’ve sewn. i’m glad i have a partner…)






photographer: dunn del mundo

Last week, barely finished with the last bits of my Band of Outsiders outfit… I went over to my friend’s place and had my very first photoshoot. It definitely was a collaborative event with all my friends. Thank you to Dunn, the photographer, for your amazing eye for photos and creative soul. And thank you to Mark n Jon for being great sports about modeling my outfit. You guys are so down and now you’re both pros at being awkward on cue! It was so much fun and you all did a great job!

The Process…




Here are photos of Sarah’s and my drape of the corset from the past week. It’s evolving day by day.